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Wealth Management

Achieve your wealth and lifestyle goals

The development of your investment strategy remains a cornerstone of Wealth Management and is key to successfully achieving your financial goals.

We work with you to fully understand your needs, values and goals so that we can map out clear paths for the future use of your capital.

We practice a disciplined and scientific investment strategy with actions driven by evidence and research rather than forecasts and predictions. T​​his is a long-term approach that is intended to take the stress out of investing. By tuning out the noise that surrounds investing, you are free to concentrate on achieving your financial goals.

The ebbs and flows, and highs and lows, of stock markets are perhaps the only thing we can safely say is a given. Since 1975, the UK Stockmarket has fallen by 20% or more 9 times. Each time going on to record new highs and considerably higher stock market valuations in the following years. Yet, every time it happens it feels brand new and we see investors make hasty decisions that affect their capital long into the future. We will guide you to look beyond the concerns of today to the long-term growth potential of markets, knowing that the markets have rewarded disciplined investors.

We view wealth management as an integration of all parts of your financial life –financial planning, investment advice, tax planning and estate planning. Our aim is to protect your wealth, ensure that you never run out of money and are financially well organised.

We are so confident in what we do that all our advisors invest their own money alongside yours.

Our Core Investment Principles
  • We will assess your propensity to risk and your financial goals in order to produce a robust plan that takes no more risk than you are comfortable with.
  • Investors will gain exposure to proven generators of returns and maintain discipline by holding a diverse portfolio and rebalancing regularly.
  • Our investment strategies are based on evidence and research rather than forecasts and predictions.
  • No one can consistently time the market or pick the best performing stocks, funds or asset classes. Our approach focuses on timeless, proven wealth building principles designed for long-term financial gain.​​

Highwood’s Investment Committee

Our investment committee meets every quarter to review all aspects of our investment process. This allows our investment approach to be regularly reviewed, ensuring it remains relevant and offers the best possible service to our clients. Clients receive a copy of the minutes of these meetings as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and independence.

My experience of Highwood is that they are run by people who put the interests of their clients first and are prepared to invest their own money into the same schemes that they are recommending to their clients…

Honesty and integrity is the foremost asset that any financial advisor should have and Highwood are willing to dissuade a client from an investment if it is not in the clients best interests. If you want personalised service, second to none, look no further than Highwood Financial Services
Mr P.F.