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Second property tax basics

Second property purchases in the UK have boomed according to government figures, with second home sales rising 30% over the past five years. The recent Stamp Duty holiday has further increased activity in the housing market, as people look to benefit from this...

Going electric: the changing face of company cars

The UK’s best-selling car for three months in 2020 did not even have an engine… The top-selling car in the UK for the months of April, May and December last year was a Tesla Model 3, a car that currently costs just over £43,000. One major reason for...

Spring Budget 2021: A quiet turning of the tax screw?

Look at the raw numbers and there is no increase in tax – everything stays the same. In practice, the effect of inflation will take its toll… Just before the Budget arrived on 3 March, it seemed as if the Chancellor would have nothing to say that was not already...