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8% rise to state pensions next April?

State pension increases and the Triple Lock are back in the spotlight. About a year ago, during the first wave of the pandemic, several think tanks started to look at the potential repercussions of the then crumbling economy on state pensions. Their particular focus...

Were you born after 5th April 1971?

A new consultation paper has set out more details of an increase in the normal minimum retirement age. In February the Treasury and HMRC published a consultation paper on implementing an increase in the normal minimum pension age (NMPA) from 55 to 57. The NMPA sets...

The pandemic retirement conundrum

Has Covid-19 disrupted your retirement plans? The economic effects of Covid-19 stretch far beyond those people infected by the virus. The obvious example is the billions of pounds of government spending, but there are many others, such as the impact on those...