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Professional Partnerships

Working together for the benefit of your clients

We build trusted professional partnerships that add value to your business and offer expert, tailored advice to your clients.

We develop lasting relationships with lawyers and accountants because we understand what is important to their clients. You can be certain that when you refer a client to us they will receive professional and trustworthy service.

We offer advice for a range of circumstances that your client may be facing.

Tax Planning
Protection & Invesment for Businesses
Divorce Planning
Trust & Investment Managment

Specialist financial advice for professionals

Working in certain fields can mean you have particularly complex financial requirements and little time to dedicate to them. We work with accountants, solicitors, business owners and entrepreneurs to offer guidance, ideas and advice that will help you to meet your needs and ambitions without the burden of making difficult financial decisions alone.

My finances are managed well, generating a consistent income and re-invested profit…

Highwood have managed my financial investments over the last 8 years. Previous to this I managed my finances myself. I find Highwood a very efficient and friendly organisation. My finances are managed well and now generate a consistent income and re-invested profit. I Highly recommended them.