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Financial Coaching

A powerful and proactive learning experience tailored to your goals

We use our experience and expertise in wealth building as well as skilled methods of enquiring and questioning to help you think more clearly and prioritise the critical issues that can make a difference in achieving your wealth goals.

Financial Coaching will help you gain better perspective so that you focus more effectively on the few factors that produce results. The result is a complete support system that converts obstacles that would normally stop your progressing into opportunities for growth.

We will save you time and money by helping you avoid the many dangerous pitfalls and dead-end paths on the road to financial freedom. This isn’t the latest ‘get-rich-quick’ gimmick or ‘how-to’ seminar, instead, we provide you with accountability, educational insights, expert practical experience, and support focused on timeless, proven wealth-building principles.

Highwood’s Financial Coaching is a complete system that drives you toward financial freedom, nothing else works like it.

I rely on Highwood for crucial guidance and support in relation to my family and professional finances.

I’ve worked with Highwood since we started our company over 12 years ago. Highwood now not only works with my business partner and me, but also a large number of the 80 people that work here. In addition to always getting strong financial advice from the Highwood team, I rely on them for crucial guidance and support in relation to my family and professional finances. Their expertise, understanding and, above all, candour have proved invaluable throughout this time.”
Mr M.N.